As the online industry growing day by day, it is a good idea to get with the pace of the market. As Wikipedia is worlds highest visited website that’s why getting featured, there is one of the significant accomplishments. If you are in a lookout of how you can you create a Wikipedia page!

Well, then here we will cover that for you. To create a Wikipedia page you should have enough notability. If you want to create Wikipedia page for another person or company well then its ok but you can’t create Wikipedia page for yourself or your company.

5 Step Wikipedia Page Creation Process

1. Understand The Wiki Environment

The very first step to start creating a Wikipedia page is to understand the wiki environment. Once you get base clear, then you can proceed to the second step.

2. Create A Wikipedia Account

The second process is to create a Wikipedia account. Just hover to and click on create an account. Just fill in the required details and create your account. Remember, you are only allowed to create one account for one person.

3. Open Sandbox

After getting Wikipedia base clear and creating a Wikipedia account. You can proceed to Wikipedia sandbox. Here you can start your rough draft article and start editing on it.

4. Visit Wikipedia Teahouse

Wikipedia Teahouse is a great place to get help whenever you stuck anywhere at the Wikipedia page creation process. There are many Wikipedia page creator who are always ready to help you.

5. Submit your draft for review        

Once finishing your draft in sandbox submit it for review. Wikipedia reviewing process can take upto six months. So here you have to be patient. Because finally, the approval of your Wikipedia page depends on Wikipedia page creator, admin and AFC reviewers.


Here we have shared detailed step by step process to create a Wikipedia page for a person or anyone for whom you want. The whole process is a bit of typical, and you should only follow this when you have proper knowledge about Wikipedia and how to create a Wikipedia page.

Well if you need any help, our Wikipedia professionals are always here to help you. Wiki page creation offers quality Wikipedia page services. Hope you like the Wikipedia page creation process shared by us.